The Company, ARBOR, was born in 1964 as a small, local, family business. The founder, Vigilio Busnardo, based the business on windows and doors production.

In the 80’s ARBOR experiences a rapid growth – the two brothers Armando and Italo Busnardo porsue the tradition and enlarge ARBOR’s products portfolio with wooden stairs, roofs and patios. The 80’s are more over characterized by a deep tranformation of the windows market. ARBOR is among the first to adopt new technologies in terms of ironware, rubber joints, and varnishes – always optimized per each application and selected in synergy with professional suppliers. The challenge of a rapidly growing market is for ARBOR a new business opportunity: during this period infact, there’s the phase-in of new products characterized by better performance in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation.

During the 90s the manufacturing plant sees the introduction of the firsts CNC machines. In the same period ARBOR introduces before others, the wooden/aluminum windows to answer the growing request of high-end products not affected by external atmospherical conditions. Moving to the new and current site plant, ARBOR moves one step more to improve customers service and increase its visibility – the show-room in the factory is presented and the ISO 9001 certification is achieved.

In 2008 ARBOR gets the gold medal for its contribution to the italian economic progress by the local Chamber of Commerce. The deep economic depression started in 2008 and impacting all main sectors, especially the ones related to the real estate, is the sign of new challenges for ARBOR. The Company identifies and invests on two main developments axes: the market segment of buildings’ refurbishment and the Company’s capability to answer with dedicated services and products to the increasing need of reducing buildings’ running costs.


The dream

Provide buildings with a unique character
with high-end design elements, durable and maintainable.


Who we are, what we do

We want to be partner of our costumers, giving substance to their projects

  • customers focus
  • customization capability
  • design professionalism
  • customers continuous support – even after sale

We want to offert our customers products and services of excellence

  • quality research
  • products innovation
  • manufacturing up to date with latest technologies