Safety, easiness of use and style are the main prerequisites that an entrance door must have. It first gives the image of your house and so it shall reflect your personality without compromise.

Hard wood entrance doors

ARBOR carefully choses first quality wood and organizes its production phases to make sure each entrance door perfectly matches the customer needs and wishes. Every entrance door is infact built on design and tailored for each project. Ironware and burglary security systems are always the latest ones available on the market to offer in every moment the highest performance both in terms of safety and usability.

  • High-end tailored products
  • Door panels customized based on customer style
  • Possibility to differentiate internal and external door panels: internally finished in line with doors and forniture, externally finished as windows and shutters
  • Possibility to insert decorated glasses, metal bars or rounds or simply to engrave the panels upon request
  • Locks and alarm sensors can be installed for future integration on the building domotic system
  • European style cilinder and drill defender
  • Traditional keys, magnetic or with numerical codes are available at customer choice

Armored security doors

Based on standard or non-standard sizes, they are realized to offer an high and certified security level to the building. The safety class of an harmored entrance door identifies its level of burglary resistance reached during dedicated harmonized tests. The UNI EN 1627 defines 6 Classes of burglary resistance, based on locking model and type, frame composition and other characteristics such as the thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

ARBOR can offer harmored entrance doors certified up to Class 4 (for dimensions up to cm 112 x 238,5) meaning, entrance doors which cannot be opened before 10 minutes of tentative of burglary attempts by an “experienced burglar using sawing and hammering tools as well, such as axes, chisels, hammers and battery-operated drills”. A Class 4 harmored door well suites with safety requirements of banks offices, hospitals, jewelers, laboratories and villas.

  • Single or double doors, with possibility to include fixed parts, on top or on sides, both with or without glasses
  • Class 4 doors have the iron internal main frame width 30/10 with intermediate iron bars width 15/10 or 20/10
  • Hinges adjustable on 3 axes
  • Traditional or electric lock
  • Drill defender on the key cilinder
  • Wide choice of handles and door pulls
  • External door panels in wood or aluminium, with possible customization in terms of finishing, painting, panel composition and glass fitting
  • Wide choice for security glass fitting, transparent or coloured, with Ug down to 1,1 W/m2K
  • Acoustic insulation up to 45 dB thanks to the double sealing on the door and the frame and the internal insulating panel
  • Thermal transmission down to 0,6 W/m2K thanks to the dedicated insulation layer
  • Accessories:
    • Service lock
    • Night closing
    • Alarm sensors
    • Automatic closers