New residential house

Provincia: Treviso

Opere ARBOR: windows, shutters, entrance door and internal doors
Committenza: House owner
Dicono di noi: We are very pleased of both the external windows and internal doors. ARBOR staff is competent and gave us good tips. The furniture is great for functionalities and material. Besides that, in ARBOR we have met kind and friendly people! [ARBOR translation]

(Silvia & Massimo)

Front sea wooden roof / patio at Isola d’Elba

Location: Livorno

ARBOR duties: wooden roof, overlaying patio with ipè decking, windows, shutters and other wooden furniture for exterior design
Customer: Villa’s owner
They say about us: Project specifications were not easy to solve and execute, but the professionalism and the details care of ARBOR people have definitely won! Really a nice job, aesthetically and functionally. [ARBOR translation] (Villa Felciaio property)

New residential house

Location: Vicenza

ARBOR duties: windows and shutters, entrance and internal doors
Customer: House owner
They say about us: I’ve relied on Arbor for the windows and doors of my future house; they gave me the best support since the design phase, they did the job properly providing high end solutions. Ultimately I can state to be satisfied by choosing Arbor! [ARBOR translation] (A. Piazza)

Restoration of a private house

Location: Verona

ARBOR duties: windows and furnishing
Customer: House’s owner
They say about us: We are super happy about the job done. On time, precise and… “no troubles inside our house!” They thought about everything! [ARBOR translation] (Federica & Federico)

Ancient villa

Location: Lyon area – FRANCE

ARBOR duties: wood shutters
Customer: Villa’s owner
They say about us: Arbor have given us the very best of professional support throughout our project, from choosing the design, colour choice to fixtures and locks. We are delighted with the top quality materials used for our shutters and doors, from the extra thickness of the wood through the fixtures and fittings. The installation team leaves us to recommend Arbor products and service to anyone looking for that little difference in quality to enhance their property. Absolutely value for money in every sense
(Tim & Kristina Ashton)

“Quattro Fontane” hotel

Location: Venice
ARBOR duties: wooden shutters and furnishing
Customer: hotel’s owner
They say about us:
“It’s a real pleasure to meet some “real carpenters”, still these days – kind and very good in their job!”
(Hotel property – Friborg Bevilacqua family)

New residential complex

Location: Vicenza
ARBOR duties: finestre, porte, portoncini e scuri
Customer: Cooperativa
They say about us:
Punctuality e quality. After ten years all the window fixtures are in in perfect conservation.
(Direzione Lavori – Architetto Giuliano Pastro – Architetto Ivano Sebellin)

Restoration of an historical building  “Torre del Castellaro”

Location: Treviso
ARBOR duties: finestre, portoncini, scale
Customer: Soggetto Pubblico
They say about us: I keep an extremely positive memory of our collaboration. Those were rather complex handworks, out of ordinary, and the work has been accomplished by Arbor in an exemplary way. After some time had passed, quality of the intervention remained untouched. 
(Direzione Lavori – Studio di architettura Maurizio Trevisan)

Restoration of a kindergarden

Location: Vicenza
ARBOR duties: finestre, porte, portoncini e scuri
Customer: Ente Pubblico
They say about us: This has been an interesting intervention, ARBOR supported us with outstanding professionality and punctuality. Even after years, the quality of their work is untouched. 
(Direzione Lavori  – Studio di architettura Busnardo & Fauda)

Turistic complex

Location: Venezia
ARBOR duties: finestre, portoncini e portici
Customer: Azienda Partner
They say about us: It has been a nice work. Final client was extremely demanding and careful about the quality of the supplied products. ARBOR has been the ideal partner to work with. For all the wooden works, ARBOR gave us the right tips that lead to timely and complete answers to our final client. The client trusted us and results went beyond expectations. 
(Direttore Generale IALC srl)

New private house

Location: Vicenza
ARBOR duties: finestre, porte, portoncini, scuri, scale e portico
Customer: Soggetto privato
They say about us: I was more than satisfied of the final work. ARBOR followed me giving the right advices from the initial choice to final testing. They gave me some precious tips on how to preserve my windows and doors in time. After more than 20 years my windows and doors are still beautiful. 
(Committente  – BM)