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Valuing a world in which nothing is wasted and nothing is thrown into landfill.

What we produce and use today must last over time and must be able to take on new value for future generations.

With our work we deliver to the future works designed to lend themselves to renewal, conversion or recycling.

We work every day to build a better tomorrow.


Building windows and doors made to last.

We work with wood because we believe in its value as a building material.

We commit our skills and experience to customer service, offering integrated and complete solutions.

We team up to proudly enhance the know-how typical of Italian craftsmanship.







arbor storia e tradizione della lavorazione del legno

arbor woodworkers windows manufacturing




ARBOR was born in 1964 as a small local artisan windows manufacturing business. The founding partner, Virgilio Busnardo, bases the business on the production of wooden windows and doors in Bassano del Grappa.

In the 1980s the company experienced a phase of rapid growth as the brothers Armando and Italo Busnardo perpetuated the family tradition and expanded the ARBOR market to new products such as wooden stairs, roofs and porches. A profound transformation of the wooden window and door market characterized the 1980s and ARBOR was among the first doors and windows manufacturing businesses in Bassano Del Grappa to adopt new types of hardware, seals and paints carefully selected in collaboration with designers and suppliers. The challenge of a rapidly evolving market becomes a business opportunity with the design of new windows and doors characterized by increased thicknesses and profiles.

In the 90s the company’s production systems were modernized with the inclusion of the first numerical control machines and in the same period the product portfolio was also expanded with wooden/aluminium windows and doors to meet the need for better performance in terms of wear resistance against rain, wind and sun.

With the move to the new and current production site, ARBOR evolves further with investments in windows manufacturing aimed at increasing its visibility and improving customer service – the showroom is inaugurated and ISO9001 certification is obtained.

In 2008 ARBOR obtained the gold medal from the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce for economic progress. The economic crisis of 2008 and the great recession that characterizes the following years generates new challenges for ARBOR. To respond to the client’s desire to rationalize investments, ARBOR identifies two strategic development branches: on the one hand it broadens the focus on the building renovation segment with targeted service and consultancy packages, on the other it develops and promotes high-performance windows and doors in terms of insulation thermal and acoustic, to guarantee the customer the greatest savings in “total operating costs”.