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Interior doors are a furnishing element. For this reason they must be harmonized with the style of the furniture and finishes chosen for the interior environments. Hence the importance of working with a partner capable of offering you personalized, quality solutions. The customization of an internal door does not only involve the choice of materials, finishes and accessories, but also the ability to carry out specific executions for the type of need. Depending on the intended use and the available spaces, the doors can be made with one or more leaves, with hinged, sliding, folding or pivot opening.

porta interna a battente arbor legno, hinged door, interior doors


porte interne scorrevoli arbor legno, sliding doors, interior doors


porte interne a pacchetto arbor legno, bifold doors, interior doors


porte interne rototraslanti arbor legno, pivot doors, interior doors


The construction elements that characterize interior doors are:

  • the frame: always in blockboard veneered in the precious essence chosen by the customer. The perimeter seal is always present and ensures good acoustic insulation between the rooms;
  • the door: with blind or mirrored honeycomb structure for the insertion of glazing or processed panels;
  • the finishing frames: close to or flush with the frame, smooth or worked in style. In the hinged or sliding versions flush with the wall, the frames even disappear, enhancing the minimal effect of the door flush with the wall;
  • the support hardware: visible or hidden hinges, sliding trolleys and tracks;
  • the lock and the handle. Choice of those made by the best suppliers: Olivari, Hoppe, Colombo and Reguitti.