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Woodworkers by choice

For Vigilio Busnardo, founder of ARBOR in the 1950s, wood was simply the most easily available, workable and resistant raw material that that era provided.

Vigilio came from a small town, his family was a humble family of peasant origins. Economic resources after the Second World War were limited and so were those of the first customers. Building windows and doors, and building them in wood, would have satisfied on the one hand the need to complete and insulate homes with sturdy windows and on the other to use a raw material with almost zero km, affordable costs and continuous availability.

Years later, we still choose to work with wood and the motivations are not that different from those that guided Vigilio.


Wood is a raw material that is reborn and its responsible use does not compromise the development of future generations.

produttori serramenti in legno


A wooden artifact is resistant over time.

The laminated wood that we use for the construction of windows and doors is obtained by joining overlapping slats by gluing. It offers greater stability and reacts better to stress than solid wood thanks to the greater homogeneity resulting from the mutual cancellation of tensions in the slats.

The laminated wood structures allow free spans of up to 150 metres, acting as an alternative to reinforced concrete with the advantage of a weight that is approximately 80% lower.


The beauty of a wooden window and door lies in its ability to create harmony with the context, to give sensations not only to sight, but also to touch and smell, to be unique and never identically reproducible. The beauty of a wooden window does not decay over time as a result of fashions and trends, but remains so and means that when we talk about wood, we do not use the expression “becoming old”, but rather that of “becoming ancient”. ».

Our task every day is to work the wood to enhance this beauty and bring it from the forests to our customers. Some techniques are constantly developing and require study and investments, others are linked to experience and handed down from generation to generation. We are jealous guardians of these.

For ARBOR, woodworking is part of its identity. It represents what we do, what we are.