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Harmony with the architecture and finishes of the building, safety and practicality are fundamental requirements of the element that first conveys the image of your home. Our wooden and armored entrance doors are made to measure with a wide choice of models and colors to satisfy every particular need.


Just as animals find refuge in the trees in forests, so in homes everyone is welcomed and protected by the front door.

The construction of wooden entrance doors requires technical competence, craftsmanship and experience.

Technical expertise is necessary to provide windows and doors with the required thermal, acoustic and safety insulation characteristics. Artisanal skills allow the wood to be shaped according to the customer’s ideas, while experience directs the choices on the best essences to use to guarantee resistance and durability over time.

ARBOR will accompany you in the design, choice, execution and installation process of your wooden entrance doors which first conveys the image of your home.



They are the most significant element of housing safety because they enclose and protect every building from the outside world. They ensure certified anti-burglary classes, from Class 3 to 5 (according to the UNI EN 1627 standard).

Our security front doors are characterized by the presence of fixed anti-hinge bolts on the hinge side and by the presence of anti-drill plates to protect the lock. Leaf and frame are made of steel sheet of variable thicknesses and optimized according to the anti-burglary class achieved.

Customization is possible thanks to ARBOR’s expertise in creating customized door covering panels based on the customer’s design. The wide range of accessories available (handles, glass, thresholds and performance kits) allows you to further characterize your entrance, thus making it the first image of you outside.