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Our commitment to the future

We are aware that the key to environmental sustainability lies in a responsible use of resources.
For us, this is not a slogan. It is a commitment: our contribution to future generations.


Since 2021 we have given concrete form to our commitment to the responsible use of resources, obtaining the FSC® certification of the chain of custody.

The FSC® brand identifies products containing wood and cellulose coming from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

The Chain of Custody (CoC) certification process is the certification of the traceability of the certified raw material, within the transformation process, from the forest to the shop. It guarantees its unequivocal origin from certified forests.

legno FSC

By adapting our production cycles and our purchasing and storage policies, we are able to guarantee our customers the traceability of the wood used, i.e. the ability to reconstruct the history and life cycle of a product through documented identifications, in relation to the flows of materials and supply chain operators.

Ultimately, our customers will know that when they purchase an FSC® certified product, the wood used for its construction comes from a forest in which existing ecosystems are maintained, preserved and/or restored. Our client will know that the workforce employed in forest management is regular, valued and protected by the laws in force. Our client will also know that the indigenous populations who inhabit the forest are respected and that their social and economic well-being is the basis of the work of forest management according to FSC® standards. For a better future.


“New” is not always synonymous with “better”. Our grandparents knew it: clothes were mended countless times, with innumerable care, household appliances repaired as best as possible to last as long as possible, the most various objects – no longer usable – destined for other purposes.
Some Northern European countries have already launched measures that aim to encourage repair practices over replacement ones.

When it comes to wood, the restoration and conservative restoration of some artefacts is often a necessity and always an opportunity. Ancient doors, windows, attics and beams restored by expert hands are of inimitable beauty.
Restoring the existing requires time, patience, experience and dialogue with the customer.
We decided to create spaces and times for our production, to share good practices and experiences, to imagine what it will be and share it with the customer. We have decided that sustainability for us must also pass through the ability to offer customers solutions to enhance the existing environment, thus minimizing the environmental impact of our offer.