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arbor legno produzione tende tecniche da esterno, shutters and technical blinds manufacturer

External technical blinds allow you to effectively limit the overheating of internal rooms during the summer, thus significantly reducing management costs.

The fabrics selected for our shadings and proposed by ARBOR (SOLTIS, SCREEN and TEMPOTEST) block up to 97% of heat for optimal living comfort. They are designed to guarantee robustness and resistance even to adverse climatic conditions. The variety of range available makes technical curtains an increasingly popular shading solution among professionals and private individuals.

The execution can be projection or vertical for verandas and window openings, depending on the specific needs of the project.

The drop awnings of shadings are also suitable for applications particularly subject to wind and rain thanks to the sliding solution on special zip guides.


Sunshades are an extremely interesting and contemporary shadings solution.

The slats can be fixed or movable and made of wood, aluminum or steel.

In the version with movable and adjustable slats, sunshades constitute perhaps the best answer to solar control for buildings. When the slats are in the closed position, the sunshade leads to a total darkening of the room, while when in the open position the amount of incoming light and heat is modulated with continuity. In this execution, motorized movement of the slats is always provided, thus guaranteeing the user maximum ease of use and comfort.

Wooden sunshades are widely used in Trentino. Elegance and the ability to blend with the surrounding nature are the elements that qualify these solutions.

ARBOR, thanks to 3 generations of experience of carpenters, suggests specific essences for this type of applications, such as Canadian cedar, teak, iroko or larch.

arbor legno produzione frangisole, shadings and shutters manufacturer