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Wooden blinds can be made with double crossed boards, vertical slats or with okumè plywood panels for exteriors.

The processes and the final aesthetic of blinds impact change, which may be classic or modern, but the thermal insulation, quality and durability of the product remain unchanged.

The aluminum blinds have an insulated sandwich structure and use folded and shaped aluminum sheets with a thickness varying between 15 and 20/10.

They typically give a drier and more essential appearance to the property and offer excellent resistance to the effects of UV rays thanks to thermosetting powder coating.

Wooden shutters and aluminum shutters can be fitted with exposed or concealed hardware, and can be installed on a monobloc structure with the window or directly on the wall using hinges fixed with chemical cement. Particular attention should be paid to installations on walls with external insulation: ARBOR approaches these situations with targeted solutions and the use of dedicated materials.


Roller shutters are perhaps one of the best known and most widespread solar shading solutions and blinds.

The solutions available in terms of materials and executions make it possible to satisfy different needs with specific performances in terms of visual impact and robustness. The roller shutters can be made of PVC, insulated or extruded aluminium, wood and extruded steel. Colors, finishes and accessories can always be customised.

The roller on which the slats are wound is always inserted in a special box, which can be inspected from the outside or inside. The box is designed by ARBOR according to the specific needs and possibilities of the construction site: it can be an aluminum box exposed in the wall opening, a box made of EPS to be integrated into the existing masonry for a hidden effect, or a traditional box in insulated wood. The latter is often the preferential solution for cases of window replacement without any masonry work.

The box is a fundamental element in the definition of the thermal insulation of homes and for this reason it is included among the eligible expenses for interventions aimed at achieving energy savings in the building envelope (Ecobonus, BonusCasa). To access these state incentives, the box is required to comply with minimum thermal insulation performance like windows and doors. The box that ARBOR offers for this type of intervention has been certified with U_usb = 1.0 W/m2K and is therefore suitable for installations up to climate zone F.

Roller shutter test – ARBOR 

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